1-Year Rebrandiversary – Imouri

1-Year Rebrandiversary

by Ryan McCarthy on May 24, 2020  in AnnouncementCommunityImouri ChanSale

Imouri One Year Anniversary Celebration


Has it really been ONE WHOLE YEAR since we launched Imouri!? It's hard to believe. Time flies when you're having fun I guess?

For the next couple of weeks, we'll be celebrating what we're calling our, 1-Year "Rebrandiversary", since today, May 24th, 2020 marks the one year date of when we re-launched our growing clothing brand into something more meaningful and personal. So technically speaking, we've been creating what we've always labeled as, "Original Anime Streetwear" since 2016, but only under the name we have now, Imouri, for the past year.

Here's how we're celebrating: 20% off all items in your cart this week (05.24 - 05.31), no code needed at all. Tomorrow, we're launching a giveaway on Instagram for two $100 store gift cards. Then next week, we'll be putting up a limited edition "1-Year Rebrandiversary" collection which includes an exclusive t-shirt, full-graphic hoodie and decal. We'll also be doing a special livestream on Twitch next weekend as well. Date and time TBA!

For those who have been with us from the start, made it through the transition period and STILL support us to this day -- I literally have no words to express how thankful we are to you (you know who you are and I have come to know who many, many, many of you are now too)! For those who are newer to the brand, welcome! We are constantly trying to push the envelope of Anime Inspired Design and what that means. I hope you'll continue along this journey with us!

I also quickly want to clarify what the word "support" means to me. It's thrown around a lot online, but support to me means sharing what we're doing with a friend or maybe looking at a design and saying to yourself, "Hey, that's kinda cool". Every little piece, even beyond the act of buying from our store counts as "support" in my book. A like on a post, a follow on Instagram, a comment on Facebook, the many DM's I've received in Discord -- they all go such a long way. It lets me know that what we're doing is resonating with you. So thank YOU for all of the support this past year. There was a lot of it and it's incredibly humbling.

Now let's recap a bit, starting from this day one year ago. Honestly, I was terrified. Prior to May 24, 2019, I had spent the last three years growing a brand that spoke to quite a few of you. In a matter of one day, I was literally about to tear it down and rewrite that whole story into something brand new.

Looking back on it, the risk was huge. This brand is my livelihood and I was potentially throwing it away with a move so drastic, however, I could never shake this gut feeling that so much more could be done with it if I just bit the bullet and transformed it into something personal to me. It was a pipe dream vision that involved a lot of red coloring (lol), a mascot and a true sense of community. Something beyond just another "clothing store" on the Internet.

The other day, I started making a list of everything that we accomplished within the past year and I was shook. Check it out: We completely changed our look, significantly upgraded our website, started the Secret Anime Club discord where we've had the honor to get to know so many of you, worked together with our friends at Collateral Damage Studios to create the face of our brand, our very own mascot, Imouri-Chan, traveled from coast-to-coast at conventions, jammed out on some DJ Session Twitch live-streams, launched brand new products beyond the scope of just clothing, like stickers, phone cases, art prints, bags and most recently skateboards! The list goes on-and-on.

Back to today. Real time. Was it all worth it?

With 100% confidence, I can say: Yes.

I know I sound like a broken record, so this is the last time I'll say it for now. I TRULY cannot thank all of you enough. You bring so much excitement and joy to my life, each and every day. I sincerely hope Imouri does the same for you.

There is so much more to come.

Stay Original,

❤️ Ryan