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A Winter Review So Far...Plus More!

by Joe Tilton on February 06, 2022  in A Review So Farwinter anime 2022
Winter Anime 2022

The winter anime season is here. I asked a lot of people about the anime they couldn't wait to watch, and pretty much everyone said the final season of Attack on Titan was the go to anime. I am waiting until the anime officially ends so that I can binge watch the final season. I can understand the hype of Attack on Titan and I am excited to see the ending at last.

Besides anticipated anime, I wanted to take the time to talk about some new anime I am currently watching. Two specific shows have stuck out to me so far; My Dress-Up Darling and Miss KUROITSU from the Monster Development Department. Let's talk about the first show mentioned.


It's Time To Dress Up

My Dress-Up Darling is a romantic comedy, slice of life show about a boy named Wakana Gojo who has a unique hobby, creating Hina dolls. His grandfather owns a famous Hina doll shop in which Gojo was raised and was introduced to the beauty of Hina dolls. Now in highschool he is often alone and one day he runs into school favorite Marin Kitagawa in the sewing room. It is revealed that Kitagawa is a huge otaku and wants to cosplay as her favorite video game character. She asks for Gojo's help in making the costume because she herself is not skilled in cosplay dress creations. An unlikely bond forms from the two due to their obsessions.

This is a great anime. It's fun, and exciting and you find yourself rooting for the pair. Only a few episodes have come out so far, but it's already proofing to be a great rom com anime and you can't help but to root for both Gojo and Kitagawa in their own unique ways. What makes the series interesting is Gojo's passion for Hina dolls and how the introduction of Kitagawa is slowly changing is perspective on beauty. The show captures his highschool growth well and I am looking forward to see what happens next as the story unfolds. I recommend this series if you are into rom coms. You can watch this show on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

Time For The Bad Guys To Get The Spotlight

The next show I want to highlight is Miss KUROITSU from the Monster Development Department. Have you heard of Finster from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? He is the one who created Rita's monsters to fight the rangers. This series took me by surprise. The shows perspective is from the bad guys point of view called Agastia, more specifically the scientist from the monster development department. You follow the life of Miss Kuroitsu, a scientist working to create monsters to defeat the Divine Swordsman Blader. But all is not what it seems at the lab. Miss Kuroitsu has to meet deadlines, wrestle with budgetary constraints and deal with other department heads to make Agastia's world dominating fruition come to life. Its a fun comedy that takes a different route that will have you rooting for evil instead of good.

As I said before, this show caught me by surprise. I never expected a unique story line such as the one presented in the series. What makes this a great show is the level of respect and decenssy that some of the higher ups in Agastia have for others within the organization and outside the organization. Specifically, Megistus, The Chief of Staff at Agastia is always concered for the well being of his underlings and has great fiscal responsibility. You will be laughing at the antics of all the characters and monsters in the series. Don't let this show slip under the radar, you might be missing something great. You can watch this show on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

Thats all I have for the review so far as well as the winter show(s) everyone wants to watch. Be on the lookout for the Black Lagoon Review. That will be coming out shortly. If you have other shows you want to discuss, head over to the Secret Anime Club Discord Channel and find Miengetsu. I'll be glad to talk with you more about anime.


*YouTube videos are from the channels of Crunchyroll Collection and Infamous. All rights and credits go to the creators and channels. This is just for review purposes.