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Chaos & Calmness: Anime In Review

Welcome to another Anime in Review. Today, I am looking at two shows that recently aired on Crunchyroll, Train to the End of the World and Bartender: The Glass of...

Welcome to another Anime in Review. Today, I am looking at two shows that recently aired on Crunchyroll, Train to the End of the World and Bartender: The Glass of God. Here is my quick take on both shows. Enjoy!







Hey, you anime fans out there. Welcome back to another review episode here. I know it's been a little while, and I do apologize for that, but I want to get back into the swing of things. I have a whole new setup here. If you haven't noticed from my previous video, you can see that I have a new character set up, new background.


But without further ado, I want to talk about a couple of new anime that came out this past spring. And this, this. These two anime shows that I've been watching have been really good. The. The first one here is train to the end of the world.


And the second one I'll be talking about is bartender, the glass of God. But I want to talk about train to the end of the world first because that's the one that I've really been sticking on. And I got some previews here in the corner. If you can't see them, they're popping up right now. And just to kind of give you an idea of what the synopsis is of this.


So it's based around this incident called the seven g incident. And, I mean, you've heard of. From the cell phone tower things, but this one's a little bit different. So essentially what end up happening was the seven g incident was trying to break another boundary of technology. And basically this went horribly awry.


And when they activated it through this person who clicked on the button and basically the whole world went nuts. It's like this chaotic dance of just holy cow, happenings. And it's been great so far. And, you know, like I said, in the previews, you're gonna see all these different clips that I've kind of taken from the show just to kind of give you a little bit of a tasting of what it's all about. But the central plot point revolves around four high school girls that come from a specific town.


And again, I'm not gonna try to give you too many spoilers, but they came from a specific town and they're trying to save this girl here in the black hair because they need to travel to Ikibukuru. I apologize if I pronounce that terribly, but essentially what they need to do is they have to travel by train to find their lost friend. It's in this chaotic world and there's just so much that's going on. There's so much that's happening. And every town, every train stop they go to, there's like this very bizarre, weird thing with every single town in the town that the four protagonists find themselves in.

All the people that are there, that are adults turn into animals at a certain age. So the young girls didn't have to worry about that because they were still young. However, all the adults got turned into talking animals and they are slowly devolving into animals. But essentially, our four protagonists is traveling to find their friend. And along the way, they're meeting, you know, a lot of bizarre happenings, new allies.


And essentially what's happening is they might be the ones to try to stop this incident from occurring again and just kind of return the world to normal. But as you can see through the previews, there's so many things that are happening here. What would normally take, like, a couple hour train ride is now taking, like, days on end because the whole world's been stretched out beyond belief. And, I mean, look at. I mean, in that preview, the entire subway, the entire train is like a giant roller coaster, essentially.


And like I said, there's just so much happening. There's, like, a village that they've gone to where everyone has got mushrooms growing off of them and they're, like, super complacent. And they just want to just honestly, to sit there and just die just being super complacent. And, you know, these four girls are like, you got to find our friend. And they'll do everything that they humanly can to, like, get to their destination, essentially, is what it is.


And I find this anime to be fun. It's fascinating. It's colorful, but it's also bleak and dark. And it tackles a lot of, like, interesting concepts with, like, you know, you know, growing up, moving on, and at the same time, it's got, like, this, like, silliness about it. And I tell you right now, you're gonna absolutely love this show.


It's great. The storytelling is definitely there because you just want to know more about all the chaos that's going on. All the different villages that were transformed in one way or another. Some for the decently, okay, they could kind of survive and some for the terribly bad where there's, like, all hope is lost type of thing. But give this one a shot on Crunchyroll.


I highly recommend it on train to the end of the world. It's a fun, exhilarating ride if you like, like a wonder egg priority or, uh, the other side picnic. You're gonna love this one, though. Those are other two great. That has revolved around weird mystery stuff.

But I, uh, highly recommend that one. It's. It's a fantastic anime. And like I said, it's very colorful and there's a lot of. A lot that's going on there.


So the next one that I do want to talk about, the other one that I've been really watching super hard lately, is called bartender the glass of God. And that one is a more chill, slow, relaxed pacing. Right. Um, there is sort of a central storyline there. There sort of isn't.


Uh, it's. It's something that, you know, you just. It's kind of like more relaxed. It's more adult, like, as a. As a person myself, who.


Who fancies, you know, like, mixed drinks and whatnot. I'm not an alcoholic or anything weird like that, but, you know, I do like, you know, flavor. I do like food wars, and I like a lot of anime that involves a lot of food. But this one takes a slightly different turn. This is all about, like, the history of mixed drinks and, like, why the.


These mixed drinks are important to the people who are working hard and, you know, are just trying to, you know, forget some things happening in their day to day lives. So essentially, the whole story is about a bartender from the Eden hall bar. And these girls from a very famous hotel are trying to recruit this gentleman into their private bar at their hotel, and they're slowly learning the ins and outs about what it means to be a true bartender and what a soothing drink can do for the soul for anybody who's having a pretty rough day or is not, you know, doing very well with whatever particular, important part in their lives that are going on. And so this specific bartender, he's so attention to detail that he can actually tell what the person's going through, what their profession is to a degree, and give them what he considers the glass of God. And that is, like, the perfect cocktail for the situation that that person is going through right now to really ease their woes and to try to uplift their spirits.


It's not about, like, some haphazardly getting drunk type of thing. Let's go to a bar. No, this is about, like, true bartender. Quiet, calm atmosphere and trying to just pick your spirits up and also, more importantly, learn about the world of mixology and bartending because they kind of go hand in hand with everything, along with the idea of paying attention to your customers and understanding what it means to be the person that is going through some sort of trouble and how the bartender can kind of help soothe their suffering a little bit through the mixed drinks. And this has been an interesting one.


Like I said, I like food wars. I like any anime that has food, like, laid back camp that really talks about food or even delicious in dungeon that talks a lot about food. This one was really stuck out to me because it's more about the mixed drink, the mixology aspect of it and why the mixed drinks are made the way they are, the history behind it, the different ratios and parts. And just like, the whole idea of just drinking this delicious cocktail that suits the needs of myself or anything else based on a certain situation, it's like, again, the perfect glass, like the glass of God. That's why it's called bartender to the glass of God.


It's all about finding out what's going to work for you. And even this character is showcasing that. He's basically like, hey, you know, based on your situation, I feel that this is the perfect glass for you. And they don't realize just how the bartender skills and attention to detail really do make a difference in the grand scheme of understanding the relationship between the customer and the bartender and how the bartender can essentially, basically just make them feel better with the perfect drink. And in every single episode, it really does showcase that because in every single episode, there's actually a different mixed drink that's involved, a different technique, and a different reason why these drinks work.


And then at the same time, you also have a customer coming in to have a different. That's going through different troubles, whether it's like troubles on the job or some personal loss they suffered or just simply the fact that they just had a really, really, really bad day, whatever the case may be. And this bartender's there kind of soothe their. Their pain a little bit temporarily. And it's not like, again, getting drunk or anything like that.


It's all about, you know, the calmness of everything. And even when you go into the whole idea of going into the bar, it's all about the soothing, the calmness of it and, like, just the experience. It's not about the alcohol. It's about enjoying the glass in front of you to make you, you know, relax on a. For, like, anything that's going hard in your life.


And even I myself personally, look at that because I do drink. You know, I mix drink every now and then. And it's not because I want to have an alcohol. It's about relaxing. It's about easing your tensions.


And this anime exemplifies that really, really well. You know, there is, like I said, there is a story about, like, them trying to get this bartender to work at their hotel and, and, you know, he. He's constantly turning them down because he wants to just serve customers in their time of need when they need to find out, you know, hey, I stumbled upon this bar and I want to, you know, just relax here, but give this one a try. It's slower pace. I understand that it's very slower pace, but it's okay to be slow paced.


It's okay to kind of take a step back and to kind of relax a little bit. This one's also on Crunchyroll, too, so you can also find this anime on top of it. But I would 100% give this a try and you are going to like it. But those are just the two shows that I have for you. Going on right now is, um, uh, train to the end of the world and bartender, the glass of God.


You know, I get it from watching your konosuba's and your misfit of demon king Academy. And now with the season three of season three of demon Slayer, season four, whatever the case may be, I'm actually watching that too. And I get it. There's all those anime that we, you know, we're stuck in that mode of wanting to keep up with some of the bigger mainstream animes. But what I like to do is introduce shows that are new and to kind of take a step back from the mainstream and appreciate the new stuff that's going on here.


And that's what I'm going to try to make this regular anime and review series about is. Is showcasing some of the things that may or may not get the spotlight. Like the get, again, the big shows that are out there, the Konosuba demon slayers, the one pieces and everything like that. So I hope you enjoyed this again. Take a look at this.


Watch this. Watch both these shows. One for the chaos and one for the calming. You know, that's what I see the yin and the yang of these two. And I think they pair themselves up perfectly here.


But take a. Take a shot. Watch them. There's a good amount of episodes out for both of them right now, so you can get an early binge on that. And until then, I will be talking to you guys soon and be doing more reviews soon.


So tune in and take care.


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