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Sword Art Online Anime Video Review Part 1

by Joe Tilton on June 04, 2022  in Animeanime lookoveranime reviewAnime Reviews
Sword Art Online Anime Video Review

Welcome back to the Imouri Anime Review, where people vote for an anime that the Imouri team will review. Since our last review, it has been a while, and this unique review will be done a bit differently. The review scoring system has been changed for Sword Art Online. Unlike our typical voting, which will return, SAO will be a 3 part video review due to the size of the series.

We began recording the series back in April and wanted to do our first significant anime show. It just so happens that May 2022 was an important date in the SAO time. The NerveGear was released into the market, and soon after, Sword Art Online would release for sale in November 2022. We thought this timeline would be perfect for reviewing SAO in its entirety. Without further ado, here is Part 1 of the anime review.


*Images are from the My Anime List website. We do not own any of these images. Credit to all artists of the images and credit goes to the creators of the anime series.